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Want to take your hand grip strength to the next level?
Our hand grip rings will deliver on that promise and help maintain or improve your your muscles and mobility in your hand and wrist.  Each finger and your thumb will be actively moving 34 muscles!  There are 17 muscles in your hand palm and 18 in your forearm. A total of 34 muscles involved in moving each finger and thumb.

The 10-15-10lb is a wonderful addition for all seniors or rehabilitation patients or even children starting at a very basic, light activity level.

The 30-50 lb set is aimed to active people of any age, which is a beginners' level.  

The 60-80 lb set is for those who already have good hand grip, but would like to take it further. Strong men and women prefer this grip ring exercise strengthening set.  

If you are comfortable doing multiple reps with the 80 lb silicone ring your grip strength is definitely on a high level!

The last level is 90-100 lb and it is highly appreciated by sports professionals.

Hand strengthener - 30-50lb

Benefits using our hand grip rings:
- Improve hand, finger, forearm and wrist strength by crushing, pinching, support or extending
- 3 hand grip rings in each package (10-15-20 lb, or 30-50 lb or 60-80 lb) makes it easy to start at the level you are on

- 2 set hand strengthener includes: one 90 lb and one 100 lb

- Made of 100% eco-friendly silicone that is long lasting and durable
- Designed to fit your hands perfectly
- Free of the “squeaky” noise some some traditional grippers make so that you don't disturb anyone around your and most importantly for your own sanity
- No rubber smell and easy to clean after use

Why HomeGym 4U?
We specialise in providing the BEST fitness equipment to your home and take great pride in doing so. We choose our products carefully and go through great lengths quality testing our products.

We LOVE our customers and always put our customers at the center of everything we do! If one our hand grip rings break, tear or rip please feel free to get in touch and we will instantly send you a new one or a full refund if you wish.

  • EXERCISE YOUR HANDS AND FOREARM FROM ANYWHERE whether you are at home, in the office, walking, in the car or doing your favorite sport as the rings are lightweight easily portable.
  • FREE FROM THE "SQUEAKY" NOISE that many traditional hand grippers make so that you won't bother your partner when you are watching TV or while you are on a call to that important client. First and foremost it's for your own sanity - when you first realize your old grip strengtheners are making that noise it's hard to forget.
  • DESIGNED TO FIT YOUR HAND PERFECTLY with grooves for your fingers so that they feel natural and easy to grip. They are also made of a 100% eco-friendly premium silicone that feels comfortable as you do your hand exercise.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE! We love our customers and always put our customers at the center of everything we do. If one our hand grip rings break, tear or rip please feel free to get in touch and we will send you a new one immediately or fully refund your money. You've got our word!
hand grip strengthener
Hand Strengtheners - Grip Rings Exerciser, Fingers Wrist Workout
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