Why & How to Increase Grip Strength

Why & How to Increase Grip Strength


Grip strength is a very important component of fitness as it directly affects most of our everyday tasks. Grip strength can be divided into several categories. One is the crushing strength, which you’d use to squeeze the juice from a lemon. Another one is the pinching strength, which you’d use to carry a wooden plank with just one hand. Then there’s also the support gripping strength, which you’d use for endurance tasks like carrying a heavy bag.

So while training for a super strong grip might not be on your priority list, it doesn’t mean you should forget about it altogether. Just think about this for a moment: What things do you do on a daily basis for which having a good grip is helpful? There are a lot, right? From opening tight jars, carrying groceries, lifting/moving furniture, to pulling weeds in your garden.

Benefits of Grip Strength Training

Improved Forearm Muscularity

Your fingers are controlled by the muscles in your forearms. Therefore, building your hand strength also helps build and thicken these muscles. Ultimately you’ll have stronger, more powerful looking forearms.

Increased Hand Strength

Grip training generally strengthens your fingers, wrists and forearms. And having strong hand grip is beneficial for people active in certain types of sports. Sports such as climbing and gymnastics, would need you to support your own body weight with your grip.

Improved Dexterity

Musicians like violin and guitar players need the ability to control pressure with each finger. Enhancing grip strength also helps improve typing.

Hand Endurance

Increasing the amount of force your hands apply also increases your endurance in occasions where your hands must apply force for longer periods of time. If you need to carry bags for quite a while, you won't need to worry about losing your grip because of fatigue.

Strengthening Your Grip

Many grip strength exercises are quite simple and can be done even with little equipment.  Like plate pinches, which will require you to grip and hold two weight plates from the top using your thumb on one side and your fingers on the other.  

Walking lunges while holding dumbbells is also another simple workout that offers a great opportunity for developing a strong grip.

Then there are hand strengthener rings which are very portable and easy to use. There are plenty resistance level to choose from in order to build you grip strength accordingly.

It is recommended to train smaller muscle groups like your forearms twice to thrice per week. Though this may vary according to your training schedule.

Grip Training Guidelines for Beginners

Start out light: Only start with what you ca handle and never push it too hard as you might injure yourself.

Move up slowly: Don’t rush into getting the results you wanted. Build your strength in a nice steady pace.

Watch the volume: Think of training volume as the number of sets and reps in a workout. Do not overwork your muscles.

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