Weight Scale vs. Body Body Fat Percentage

Weight Scale vs. Body Body Fat Percentage

You run all the miles, you do all the burpees, you lift all the weights and when you step on to the weighing scale, the numbers don't go down. What happened? Are you not losing weight? Are your efforts not enough? Should you quit? I have a secret to tell you though: when it comes to "losing weight", the numbers on the scale don't matter.

You know what matters? Body fat percentage - that's what matters. What you should be aiming for is a lower body fat percentage.

Here's a truth bomb: there are actual skinny-fat people. They are those that appear healthy and thin but actually have a high body fat percentage. That means that their type of skinny isn't healthy at all if we're going to compute their body mass index (BMI).

Lower body fat percentage means your fat was burned through all those miles, burpees and weights and what's left are glorious, toned muscles. More muscles also mean your body will become better at processing energy and even at rest will burn more fats stored within your body. Isn't that wonderful? More muscles actually mean that you're burning fat even when sitting down on the couch during your rest day!

So don't worry about the numbers on the scale not going down. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and see your arms becoming toner and your abs peeking out of your belly. You should measure your success on how healthy you feel and not how much you weigh.