Pain in your hands or pain in your fingers?  -  Carpal Tunnel treatment

Pain in your hands or pain in your fingers? - Carpal Tunnel treatment

Strengthen Your Numb or Weak Hands

Are you experiencing pain in your hands or pain in your fingers? Do you have numbness or tingling? Weakness?

Having persistent weakness in your hands or fingers can be troubling. It impacts your quality of life—your ability to pick things up, to play an instrument, to hold a child. Still, numbness or weakness is not usually the result of a severe medical problem.

These symptoms may be caused by several conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetic neuropathy, neuropathy, arthritis, a pinched nerve, or a herniated disc. It is sometimes caused by certain drugs.

If you’ve experienced weakness, numbness or pain in your hands and fingers for weeks or months, it’s a good idea to see a doctor and figure out what’s going on.

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Carpel Tunnel Pain: What Causes It?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is most frequently the cause of hand weakness or hand pain.

There is a nerve that runs down the length of the arm and into the hand. It’s called the median nerve. It enters the hand through a channel called the carpal tunnel. When you have overused your wrist, it causes that tunnel to swell, and the swelling puts pressure on the median nerve running through it. The pressure on the nerve results in tingling, numbness, and weakness in the hand.

Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Usually, the best treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is to adjust or reduce the activity that is overworking the wrist. Your doctor may also recommend hand strengthening exercises with the aid of a hand grip strengthener.

Sometimes the best treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is to immobilize the wrist by wearing a splint. A doctor may require you to wear the splint all night and for periods of time during the day.  

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Wrist Strengthening for Rehabilitation

In severe situations, carpal tunnel surgery can be performed. The results are usually successful and permanent.

After this kind of surgery, there is naturally a healing period. Following the healing or as a component of it, doctors often have their patients do wrist strengthening exercises.

Hand strengtheners are usually available in light to strong resistance. The lightest may be 10-20 pounds, and the heaviest could be up to 100 pounds. The lighter strengtheners are generally best for rehabilitation (such as post-surgery).

If you’re suffering from weakness, numbness, or pain in your hands, be sure to see a doctor. Your discomfort may be easier to treat than you think and you will be able to enjoy life again fully.