Muscle Roller Stick Health Benefits

Muscle Roller Stick Health Benefits


What’s the fuss about muscle roller stick?  It’s actually just a simple device that can help relieve the muscle pain in minutes. You see, it is very common for us to experience muscle cramps after working out since the muscles and joints are exposed to more strain than they are used to. This issue can be effectively addressed by a muscle roller. Its mehanism is quite simple but is proven to offer a lot of health benefits

Flexibility - because the stick effectively rolls out and stretches the muscle fibers, tendons, and ligaments, your muscle flexibility is increased. That’s why establishing a routine using a muscle roller can be quite beneficial. For instance, it can help lengthen hip flexors to prevent stiffness after sitting for long hours.

Circulation - as pressure is applied it creates a suction in the veins, which helps to draw in more blood, ultimately improving your circulation. The roller promotes smooth flowing of blood through the skin, fascia, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Better circulation means your body gets more nutrients and flushes out toxins and wastes more efficiently.Muscle Roller Stick

Pain Reduction - You can pinpoint knots, and sore muscles with the stick. By rolling out these sore areas pain is relieved.

Muscle Growth and Repair - muscles need glycogen for them to grow or repair. And blood flow is a key aspect to providing glycogen to the muscles. Blood flow can be restricted after exercise due to trigger points and tight muscles. Using a muscle roller helps prevent glycogen deficiency in your muscles as it generally promotes good circulation.

Better Sleep - using a muscle roller stick can help you relax. And relaxation is crucial for REM sleep. Massages are known to help improve the quality of sleep a person can achieve.

Injury Prevention - Loosening muscles helps prevent triggering injuries. Using a stick before exercising allows your muscles to warm up. Remember, muscles are like rubber bands. They perform better when warm and likely to snap when left to cool.

Breaks Down Soft Tissue Adhesion - you can develop adhesions if you do a lot of training, competing or intense workout sessions. It’s a condition where muscle, fascia, and other tissues stick together. Massaging using a roller stick can help correct this issue.

Improved Mood - it’s easy to feel good when your body feels too. Relieving stress, body pains, and getting better sleep means you will most likely have a better mood.


To ensure you get the maximum benefits from a muscle roller stick you should:

• Not roll too quickly as it has negative effects. Movements need to be focused and steady.
• Try to combine up-and-down, side-to-side and other directional movements to ensure you work on the muscles from all angles.
• Keep your tissues hydrated and more flexible. Drink plenty of water before using the roller.
• Use it regularly to assist in injury prevention and muscle maintenance.

Take care of your muscles and get quick pain relief safely.

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