How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays

How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays

Christmas is just right around the corner and not only does it mean giving and receiving gifts, but also stuffing your face with all the food laid down on the Christmas table. We truly understand that it's getting more difficult to ward off those holiday fats.

Fear not because we're here to help you eat healthy during this merry season of eating. Get a paper and a pen and list down all the feasts you've been invited to because the key to eating healthy is planning ahead.

1. If that next party is a potluck one, bring with you the healthy option. It's the other people's responsibility to bring the fat-laden food so it's your duty to bring the low-fat but delicious dish.

2. Always eat a healthy and hearty breakfast. Eat fruits or vegetables and protein-rich food like eggs and nuts.

3. During the day, don't starve yourself out so you can eat a lot during the party. We recommend eating 3 to 4 small, healthy meals all through-out the day. People tend to stuff their face with high-calorie food on the first instance after a long day of depriving your appetite.

4. Speaking of, don't go directly to the high-calorie food once you're at the party. Look for the healthy option first, like the one that you brought with you! If there aren't any healthy option, choose food high in protein and vegetables. 80% of the time, it will leave you full so you don't go for seconds.

5. If the dessert is something that is difficult to get away from, try to drink tea beforehand. Tea is loaded with antioxidants and can fill you up, making you less likely to consume a lot of dessert.

We hope that with these tips, there won't be a lot of fat to burn during your New Year's resolution. Happy holidays, everyone!