How Fit is Your Family

How Fit is Your Family

Getting fit can be difficult enough. But adding others to the mix can be quite challenging especially when it’s family.

In order for you to get fit, stay fit, and live a happy life with your loved ones, you’ll need a support system. And there’s no better people than those you live with.

Here are some tips to help you get and stay fit with your family:

Communicate. Just like you and your spouse talk about other priorities like finances and budgeting, you should do the same regarding your exercise schedule and meals for the week.

Set a schedule. The ultimate excuse for not exercising is that there isn’t enough time. That’s why it is important that you set a routine for your family’s physical fitness. When your day is jam-packed, make an effort to create opportunities to spend time together. You can schedule a family walk or short bike ride after dinner. You can start with twice a week and build from there.

Share the nutrition steps. Let your family members know about meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal prepping. Try to plan, shop, and prep together if your schedule permits. Since it may be difficult due to varying schedule, be open to being flexible as those tasks may change week to week.

Add little exercises into couch potato time. Everyone appreciates some couch time with their favorite TV show. But this doesn’t mean your family has to become couch potatoes. You can use commercial breaks as an opportunity to exercise. Do simple exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and lunges. These can all be done in your living room while watching TV.

Get the kids involved. Instead of having the kids watch television when cooking, get them involved in the process. If they are big enough, they could help you chop vegetables, herbs, etc. or help mix the ingredients.

Make it fun. Try to make a game out of household chores for instance. Role playing might also be a good idea. Pretend that dust creatures are trying to invade earth and it's up to your child to save the day by capturing them with his broom.

Have a weekly sports night. Every Friday, for example, get everyone up and moving. Research some family-friendly games and exercises, such as bear-crawling or ape-walking. You can also buy a ready-made set of exercise cards online.

There’s really no excuse to stay active and healthy with your family. But it takes initiative, commitment, and cooperation for it to work.