Glide and Slide: Understanding Gliding Disc Benefits

Glide and Slide: Understanding Gliding Disc Benefits


What Are Gliding Discs?

Gliding discs are thin discs shaped like paper plates. Actually they look a lot like a Frisbee. You’ll use them to “glide” during exercises. With your feet on two glide discs you can smoothly slide into a lunge without lifting your feet off the floor to work out your glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings.

These discs are a hit in the fitness world. Aside from efficiency, they are very affordable! There are plenty of benefits to using them that make gliding discs well worth your money.

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Improved Stability

One important benefit of regularly using glider discs is improving your stability. When on gliders, it will take a lot of balance to stay on your feet. Although the gliders are not as slippery as ice, they provide the same challenge. All of the muscles in your legs and core need to work together so you won’t fall. Compared to lunges on your feet, glider lunges are much more difficult due to the lack of stability.

Great Core Exercise

Another significant benefit of working out with a pair of gliding discs is you get a whole new library of core exercises - which is great when you've mastered crunches and sit ups and are looking to spice things up a bit. Many gliding exercises for the core can be done from a pushup position. You can move your legs side to side, front to back, cross one leg under the other or simply rotate your knee to your opposite elbow.


If you suffer from any sort of injuries or soreness, gliding discs are an effective tool to help you reduce your aches and pains. When gliding, you will never slam your feet down onto the ground. The overall impact of your workout is reduced as well as the pain that comes with high-impact exercises. Even senior citizens can benefit by simple gliding movements as such workout can dramatically increase their range of motion.

 Portable and Easy to Use

While it may take a little time to make the movements smooth and fluid, gliding discs are relatively easy to use. Also, you don’t need much space to work out using them and you can bring them anywhere! To use them correctly all you need to do is place the balls of your feet on the discs and keep your heel off the back to serve as a brake.

Gliding Discs are Fun!

Aside from reaping all those benefits, doing gliding exercises are really fun! You can turn any aerobic exercise into a bigger challenge by just putting the gliding discs on your feet. And for all you strength trainers, you’ll be amazed to see the moves that can be done to strengthen your core, not to mention your upper and lower body. It is such a simple yet enjoyable overall fitness training equipment.

Choosing Your Gliding Discs

There are gliding discs suitable for both carpeted surfaces and hardwood floors. Good thing HomeGym 4U is offering discs that are made to glide smoothly across carpets and hard floors. Find out more info here.