10 Inexpensive Yet Effective Home Fitness Tools

10 Inexpensive Yet Effective Home Fitness Tools

You don’t need an expensive gym membership or pricey fitness equipment to get fit. Choosing the right at-home workout tools will also help you achieve the weight loss, strength training, and fat burning results you want.

Being in shape is a matter of will. You can always enroll at fancy fitness centers and hire the finest trainers, but if you don’t dedicate yourself to your health, all of that will be put to waste. With the right attitude and motivation, you can get the results you always wanted even in the comfort of your home.

Developing a home workout routine is quite beneficial – this small investment will allow you to have every tool at your disposal any time! With this in mind, you should be inspired to create your own little home gym. Check out the following fitness tools that will boost your confidence and help you get fit without having to spend a fortune.

1. Jump Rope

Using jump rope in your exercise routine is very advantageous and it’s relatively easy for beginners to get used. Apart from helping you burn calories, jumping rope can make you lighter on your feet. This means your coordination can be significantly improved as the exercise is focusing on your feet. The more jump rope tricks you learn, the more coordinated you’ll likely get.

2. Dumbbells

Compared to the barbell, dumbbells are more versatile and will give you a larger choice of exercises. They are cheaper than a full barbell set and rack as well. Unlike fixed machines and cables, dumbbells allow a more natural selection of movements. These tools can be used to train both your lower body and upper body, which makes them a great addition to your home gym.

3. Yoga Mat

The benefits of having your own practicing yoga is quite extensive. Other than the common benefit of increasing flexibility, it has a positive impact on your isometric strength and muscle tone. Doing yoga poses/stretches also helps improve your respiration, decreases stress and increases your energy levels.

4. Foam Roller

Your post-exercise routine is as important as your actual workout. You should take good care of your muscles in order to prevent sore muscles and cramps, especially when it comes to your back. Lifting weights can take a toll on your lower back muscles and if you don’t do something about it, you might ensure pain for weeks. Foam rollers are one of the best tools you can use to prevent or relieve muscle pains.

5. Ab Wheel

Each rollout using an ab wheel moves over 20 muscles in your body. Yes, it’s that efficient. And if you are quite persistent with repetition, you’ll get the abs you always wanted in no time.

6. Suspension Trainer

These straps can be hung from the ceiling, wall, or door, and are adjustable. You can do assisted or unassisted pull-ups with the added element of instability. They’re great for your back and you can use them for a full-body routine as you pull, push, and press yourself through a series of movements. There are a lot of suspension straps for available for just $50 or less.

7. Resistance Bands

These exercise bands are useful for both beginners and advanced exercisers as they come in different resistance levels. This tool helps you build muscle just like hand weights, plus they are easy to store and handy for traveling. Control is important to maximize muscle toning and avoiding injury. Don’t let the band snap back once you’ve reached the top of the move. Pause, then release slowly, resisting against the band’s pull.

8. Grip Rings

Hand strengtheners are affordable yet effective fitness equipment. If you wish to improve your fingers, hands and forearm strength, then these are a wonderful option. They usually come in different resistance levels to cater to different needs. They are even great fidget toys for children and teenagers. Plus, they are very handy and can be used not only at home but even at school or at the office.

9. Stability Ball

This tool can be used for ab workouts, stability exercises, and stretches, or used in conjunction with hand weights. When you sit on or lie across a stability ball, you engage all the muscles in your core to keep yourself supported. This can effectively help you have a more toned body, better posture, defined abs, and a healthy spine.

10. Gliding Discs

Gliders help improve your overall body composition and cardio. These discs also allow low-impact, smooth exercises and reduce the risk of injury or soreness during or after a workout. Incorporate these gliding discs to your home workout routine and add virtually endless range of exercise gliding motions.